In this short film, conventional 1960s housewife Audrey Steele grapples with her role in the car accident that took the life of her young daughter. While her husband, Martin, has been able to move past his grief, a quasi-suicide attempt lands Audrey in therapy. Believing selective amnesia to be her obstacle, Psychiatrist Dr. Koenig pursues an experimental therapy to help her recover the details leading up to the crash. Audrey moves in a state of lucid dreaming between her therapy sessions to memories of the day at the beach and her personal refuge of The Void, raising questions of real vs. recovered memories. The film deals with the complications of grief and the notion of “recovery” after a significant loss. 


Directed by Arthur Hurley

Written by Arthur Hurley and Anna Rowser

Produced by Anna Rowser, Arthur Hurley and Andy Kuester