Digital Archival Services

What is LTO Archiving?


Whether it's camera raw files or completed projects, your film media is precious. Typical backup media solutions like hard drives, flash and optical media, are only designed to last a few years. But we can protect your film and video assets for the long-haul with our LTO-7 and LTO-6 Tape solutions.

LTO (Linear Tape-OPEN) is an enterprise solution developed by IBM, Hewlett Packard and Quantum Data Storage. LTO is trusted by banking and insurance institutions, government agencies, and motion picture studios. LTO has a rated lifespan of 30 years along with a larger storage capacity for your dollar than spinning disks. This makes LTO the go-to solution for larger data collections where retrieval is mission critical.

• LTO-7 tape can store 6 TB of footage and data per tape.

• LTO-6 tape can store 2.5 TB of footage and data per tape.



LTO Tape Media

Expected lifespan 30 years.





Hard Drives

Expected lifespan 1-5 years.


Optical Media

Expected lifespan 3-7 years.


Flash Media

Expected lifespan 5-8 years.


How Does it Work?

1. First, request a quote below in the form below, or contact us directly at archive@machineagemedia.com.

2. Once the quote is accepted, we will ask you to send us your footage,      projects and data files on a duplicate hard drive.

3. After materials are received, we will verify your media and archive it to LTO tape.

4. When the transfer is complete, we will charge you for the job.

5. LTO Tape deliverables and hard drive media will be returned to you after we    receive payment.

Please describe your project in depth. Let us know the assets you want to archive and the total amount of data.