The Team


Arthur Hurley - Producer/Editor

Arthur is a natural at figuring out how things fit together. His expertise lies in all things post-production related. He started out chasing stories on the streets of Cairo, Egypt. There photography and journalism led to documentary film, where he fell in love with buildingengaging stories through images and sound. 

Arthur has over a decade of experience producing film projects and editing factual programming for outlets like Discovery Networks, National Geographic, and select corporate clients.



Anna Rowser - Writer/Producer

Anna comes to film through her love of narrative. She cut her chops writing and producing her first film, “Automotive Landscape No. 1.” Rolling back the clock to 1963, she wrangled last minute period cars, wardrobe and locations to create an award winning film. She’s worked in the field as a script supervisor on other festival run films. As a writer, she brings her love of language and story telling to the team.

Her published fiction can be found in The Adroit Journal, Necessary Fiction, and elsewhere.