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Murielle Zuker

Audrey Steele

Murielle Zuker trained at UCLA's School of Theatre, Film, and Television, as well as various studios and theatre companies in Los Angeles. She seeks to uncover the truths that drive her characters, always working from a place of honesty and vulnerability. Her favorite feature credits include Wait and Murder in the Dark; Dark Blue and The Last Ship for television. When not working, Murielle loves to travel the world, read, and spend time with her 10 pets and home garden.


Richard Neil

Dr. Koenig

Richard Neil is a graduate of The Neighborhood Playhouse, where he studied with Sanford Meisner. He toured extensively with the Chopstick Theatre in Charleston, S.C., as Stanley Kowalski in A Streetcar Named Desire, and has many other stage credits as well. Television credits include Entourage, Veronica Mars, and The Guardian. He starred opposite Makoto Fujita in the Japanese actor's final film, Takashi Koizumi's Best Wishes For Tomorrow. Richard is in two of Bill Viola's signature pieces, “Ocean Without A Shore” and “Man With His Soul.”

Photo Courtesy of Infinity Visuals

Photo Courtesy of Infinity Visuals


Jordan Simkovic

Martin Steele

Jordan Simkovic was born in Miami, FL. He attended Northwestern University, where he came of age and was the school weatherman. In his five years in Los Angeles he has appeared on Lifetime, Bravo, MTV and in commercial spots for PETA, Gillette, and Hooters among others. He has graced the covers of a best selling romance novel and plays baroque and classical flute.


Scarlet Ward

Cindy Steele

Scarlet is six years old, with an older brother and baby sister. She has been in beauty pageants, commercials and a music video. She skipped from Kindergarten to first grade this school year and wants to be a doctor when she grows up.  Her parents are Veterans in the USMC and are very proud of her accomplishments.

Photo Courtesy of Infinity Visuals

Photo Courtesy of Infinity Visuals


Stefan Wiesen 

Director of Photography

Stefan is an award-winning and Emmy-nominated European cinematographer based out of the U.S. He has worked all over the world and created a signature style in visual storytelling. His work has appeared in the independent film festival circuit, National Geographic, Smithsonian Channel, Discovery, BBC, PBS, and major European networks. Stefan also works on commercials and political campaigns.






Jonathon Fessenden


Jonathon was born in Akron Ohio, where he grew up playing Classical Guitar. He moved to L.A. in 2005 to pursue his musical studies and has since scored numerous film and television projects. He infuses his film scores primarily with the guitar and piano, as well as stringed instruments like the banjo, ukulele and sarod. He also embraces electronic music, which is reflected in his scores.


Andy Kuester

Producer and AC

During his tenure in the film industry, Andy has served in crew capacities from best boy electric to production manager. Credits include "A Border Story," which was showcased at the 2010 Tribeca Film Festival and Lemon Tree, which was honored with the Panorama Audience Award at the 2008 Berlin International Film Festival. Andy lives in Washington, DC with his wife, Megan, and English Springer Spaniel, Goldie.